Becky was the last of 114 British women killed by a man in 2017. In 2020, a woman or girl was killed by someone in their family every eleven minutes somewhere in the world. My heart goes out to their family and friends, to anyone who loses a loved one due to violence. What can we do to make the world a safer place? My focus is on empowering very vulnerable women, enabling them to protect themselves better, and getting their voices heard. Let’s take action together!

Becky's Button

Becky’s Button is a small, light, clippable panic alarm that I’m donating to very vulnerable women for free. I find it best to clip on my bra strap under my arm, but there’s also a hole for threading it on to a key ring. The Button has an alarm of around 125 decibels. That’s loud! In an emergency, wearers can activate it with one click. The siren can scare away attackers and alert bystanders, giving wearers a few seconds to escape. I think it could have saved my daughter's life.

Becky’s Button in Lebanon

raise awareness of sexual harassment on Corniche, Beirut

Ahla Fawda is a Lebanese NGO which provides humanitarian, cultural and environmental aid to communities in need. Since September 2022, Jane has been working with its founder, Imane Assaf, and her team on the Becky’s Button project.

In November, members of the British Embassy and supporters from the local community participated in a fundraiser at the Beirut Marathon. From early 2023, Ahla Fawda will coordinate with other local NGOs to train trainers and distribute 2,000 Becky’s Buttons to vulnerable  communities in Beirut and beyond. 


  • Wearable
  • Clippable
  • Threadable
  • A siren of around 125 decibels
  • 49 x 34 x 21 mm
  • Recyclable ABS
  • Rechargeable 
  • Blue Pantone 660C
  • Open source
  • It is small enough to hide on your body
  • It can easily be clipped on to clothes
  • It can be threaded on to a key ring or something similar
  • It can be activated with one click and the siren will sound continuously for 1.5 hours
  • It can be deactivated by pressing for three seconds
  • Its noise level can scare away attackers, draw attention and give the wearer a few precious seconds to escape
  • It is made of recyclable plastic
  • It has a built-in lithium battery which can be charged in an hour with a Micro USB cable. A blue light turns on when charging, and turns off when recharged

Pilot Scheme on Lesvos Island, Greece

Sumaya, Afghanistan

Make vulnerable women safer

In August 2022, Becky’s Bathhouse, a charity continuing Becky’s humanitarian work with refugees, launched a pilot scheme with When We Band Together. Stavros Mirogiannis, the Project Manager, designed a programme called PAE (Press, Act, Escape) which includes usage, self-defense and the education of bystanders. Security forces were briefed and support staff were trained. 3,000 Buttons were delivered and over 300 have since been distributed. Feedback so far has been positive. In mid-September, Becky’s Button averted a potential gang-rape in Mavrovouni camp.

Becky’s Projects

Becky's Button

This project distributes free panic alarms to very vulnerable women and educates them on how to counter sexual attacks.

Becky's Bathhouse

This wellness sanctuary serves women and children from Mavrovouni refugee camp on Lesvos Island in Greece. The safe space enables them to attend to their hygiene and laundry needs in a dignified way.

Rebecca Dykes Writers

This US-based initiative supports kidlit writers who are writing on themes related to violence against women.

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