Becky's Bathhouse

Becky’s Bathhouse is a shower, wellness and health promotion centre for women and children residing in the worst refugee camp in the EU: Mavrovouni camp on the Greek island of Lesvos. Opened in 2018, it is a safe, warm, and welcoming space, enabling refugees to disengage from the everyday realities of the camp. Over the years, it has expanded its operation to educational programmes on physical and mental health. 14,000+ women and children from six countries have received our services and 50,000+ dignity bags (lotions, skin care products, hair products, clothes and sanitary napkins) have been distributed. In March 2022, Becky’s Bathhouse moved lock, stock and barrel to a community centre called When We Band Together (WWBT). 


Jane announced the integration with When We Band Together (WWBT) in early 2022. WWBT’s center is a sanctuary, where women and children can step out of the daily stress of the refugee camp into a peaceful physical space. The operation is managed by the renowned humanitarian Stavros Mirogiannis. As well as clean showers and washing facilities, visitors to Becky’s Bathhouse can also now enjoy language courses, mental and physical health care, yoga classes, computer courses and vocational skills training. 

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